Tiggy Gray

Scribbler of magical cozy mysteries

Hello! I write paranormal cozy mysteries to bewitch kindred spirits who - just like me - relish solving whodunnit riddles!

row of three witches wide legs in striped stockings and shoes

I spend my time with a hilarious set of characters, in an enchanting world of witches, fantastical creatures and magic. My super smart sleuth uses her spellbinding powers for good: to solve murders of course! 

And my super smart sleuth does all this despite the well-meaning assistance of her uber loud and very involved, family.

I have been writing stories since I was 8 years old, all scribbled in teetering piles of notebooks. My bookcases are full of them. Tales about impossible feats, courage, and magic. About family, friends and celebrations. And dastardly villains. And heroines, of course. Spunky ladies full to the brim with their own special kind of magic! 

witch stockings shoes and broomstick

Oh and don’t forget the cats. I love writing about cats. Modelled of course on my own crazy feline friends who like to sit on my keyboard while I am typing.

After all those years of delighting in my own kooky tales, I now pen my funny stories under the name Tiggy Gray. Come and join me! That’s right, come and step into the comical world of my imagination. Bring a big cup of coffee with you. And your snuggle blanket.

I’ve already brought mine. 

Are you ready? Then lets begin…

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